Jeremy Corbyn faces calls to resolve Labour Brexit divisions
Labour pledges free personal care for over-65s in England
Thomas Cook's future hanging in the balance
Emmy Awards 2019: The red carpet in pictures
Keeley Bunker death: Wesley Streete, of Tamworth, charged with murder
Housing crisis affects estimated 8.4 million in England - research
We are Stoke-on-Trent: 'Look beyond our city's labels'
‘Howdy, Modi!’: Trump hails Indian PM at ‘historic’ Texas rally
Parliament: Government 'will abide by Supreme Court ruling'
Warning on alcohol risk at university initiations
Italian son shoots father dead during boar hunt
Boris Johnson 'must address conflict of interest claims'

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Where can you learn the limits and abilities of artificial intelligence? Try Westminster
Emergency button saves gamers from sudden death... of starvation
Good old Auntie Beeb's mobile app berates kids for being rubbish online
The '$4.4m a year' bug: Chipotle online orders swallowed by JavaScript credit-card form blunder
Class-action lawsuit claims DXC 'selectively timed' job cuts to inflate short-term profit target
Disgraced ex-Kaspersky guy made me do it, says bloke in Russian court on hacking charges
We sense a great disturbance in the Salesforce: File-slinging feature breaks down for more than 12 hours
Hey, NPM. How do you like your Bogensberger? He's, well, done: CEO Bryan ejects from biz
Western Digital: We're just about DDN with these data centre systems
My Little Bromium: HP Inc inks security deal to slurp micro-VM slinger
Bulgarian phishing gang member who lived with his parents jailed for part in £40m fraud ring
Supply chain actors agree that everyone's a security risk – except themselves, of course
How and why EasyOS is different
Full video of Nokia Android Feature phone with Google Assistant support emerges
A new iOS arrives, along with a few bugs
LLVM 9.0.0 released
Huawei Mate 30 Pro goes official without Google apps
A reflection on the departure of RMS
Ironically, too many video streaming choices may drive users back to piracy
Moving Firefox to a faster 4-week release cycle
An oral history of ‘Snake’ on Nokia
Richard Stallman resigns from FSF, MIT after defending child rape
PineTime is a $25 smartwatch/companion for PinePhone Linux phone
Amazon changed search algorithm in ways that boost its own products
Manjaro 18.1: Goes Arch One Better
Systemd-homed: Systemd Now Working To Improve Home Directory Handling
Open-source companies gather to gripe: Cloud giants sell our code as a service – and we get the square root of nothing
How to Install Minecraft Server on Raspberry Pi
Sysadmin job levels: What you need to know for each
How to install Chamilo e-learning Management System on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS
Ubuntu-maker Canonical shares top 5 snaps per Linux distribution
Codeweavers Talks About Valve Partnership, Windows And The Future Of Gaming On Linux
Btrfs & XFS File-Systems See More Fixes With Linux 5.4

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In How To: XKCD author offers absurd advice for ordinary tasks
iFixit’s iPhone 11 Pro Max teardown finds higher-capacity battery, 4GB of RAM
Horror film Jennifer’s Body bombed 10 years ago; now it’s a cult classic
Facebook suspends tens of thousands of apps in ongoing privacy investigation
Epic seems to have paid $10.5 million for Control’s PC exclusivity
“Grassroots” anti-Amazon nonprofit turns out to be retailer astroturfing
AMD’s Ryzen 9 3950X, Threadripper on hold until November
Medicine show: Crown Sterling demos 256-bit RSA key-cracking at private event
AT&T tells court: Customers can’t sue over sale of phone location data
iOS 13 ships with known lockscreen bypass flaw that exposes contacts
Sacklers threaten to scrap opioid deal if they aren’t shielded from lawsuits
Apple releases iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and Apple Watch series 5
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