Brexit: UK sets out plans to replace all EU laws
Five people killed in Snowdonia helicopter crash
Mother and son fatally stabbed in Stourbridge house
Sats tests for seven-year-olds may be axed
PwC keeps Oscars despite best film blunder
Kim Jong-nam's body to be released to North Korea
Bank of England considers palm oil for the new £20 note
Coffee cup fee could cut use by 300 million, study suggests
Lord Heseltine: Brexit Britain relinquishes power
Insurer Lloyd's of London confirms new Brussels subsidiary
Transgender World War Two veteran Patricia Davies 'lived a lie'
Kilted yoga star targeted by homophobic hate mail

The Inquirer
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From the AT&T Archives: The UNIX Operating System
Sharp 80: TRS-80 Model III Emulator for Windows
Samsung launches Galaxy S8
Review: Windows 10 Creators Update is a small major update
US passes bill to allow ISPs to sell users' browser history
Making music on the Amiga today
SeqBox: reconstructable file containers/archives
Evidence robots are winning the race for American jobs
DragonFly BSD 4.8 released
Apple releases iOS 10.3, macOS Sierra 10.12.4
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Oracle Linux 6.9 Released with Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel 4.1.12, TLS 1.2

Ars Technica
Sands of Titan may dance to their own static electricity
Someone is putting lots of work into hacking Github developers
Secretly recorded Planned Parenthood tapes barred from publication
Intel is keeping Moore’s Law alive by making bigger improvements less often
Samsung Galaxy S8 hands-on: Samsung produces a stunning redesign
Nuclear giant Westinghouse files for bankruptcy after costs skyrocketed
Lamar Smith claims climate scientists not following scientific method
FCC to halt expansion of broadband subsidies for poor people
Encounters with Jupiter send asteroid on a bizarre backward spin
$3.5 million crowdfunded drone campaign flops, lawsuit alleges
“Samsung Dex” is a Galaxy S8 dock that makes your phone into a desktop
“Samsung Connect” wrangles all the insecure Things in your Internet of Things
Elesar brings back Font Directory Pro for modern machines
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