Covid: Green list expansion not enough, say travel bosses
Matt Hancock not commenting on affair with aide claims
Miami building collapse: Rescuers listen for signs of life in rubble
Covid-19: Green list concern and some GB athletes 'don't want vaccine'
Britney Spears wants her conservatorship to end: What happens next?
A&Es 'overwhelmed' by children with mild winter viruses, doctors warn
The online scammers renting out other people's homes
Roman Protasevich: Belarus jet drama dissident moved to house arrest
Covid: Sydney city centre and Bondi beach to enter lockdown
Amazon and Google probed over efforts to stop fake reviews
Tokyo 2020: Some GB Olympic athletes 'don't want vaccine' - BOA chief Andy Anson
Brighton Palace Pier: Hundreds overcharged £2,100 for rides

The Inquirer
Headlines offline
Who would cross the Bridge of Death? Answer me these questions three! Oh and you'll need two-factor authentication
Ouch! When the IT equipment is sound, but the setup is hole-y inappropriate
UK cuts ribbon on OpenRAN security and resiliency testing hubs to make sure kit works with 5G infrastructure
AWS offers you the opportunity to pay cloud bills before they’ve been issued
USA bars imports of Chinese polysilicon due to human rights violations
Google creates 'optimized' Android for one smartphone — that will only be sold in India
What’s the big deal with service meshes? Think of them as SDN at Layer 7
Mars race: China dreams of nuclear rockets, manned bases, and space elevators
Google: About that whole getting rid of third-party cookies thing – we're gonna need another year or so
These six proposed bipartisan antitrust laws put Big Tech in the cross-hairs – and a House committee just OK'd them
You won't want that Linux bling if it comes from Pling: Marketplace platform has critical vulnerabilities
Would-be password-killer FIDO Alliance aims to boost uptake with new UX guidelines
Google delays ending support for third-party cookies in Chrome to 2023
Microsoft unveils Windows 11
Brave Search beta now available
Rocky Linux 8.4 released
PipeWire under the hood
Tech giants, fearful of proposals to curb them, blitz Washington with lobbying
SiFive’s brand-new P550 is one of the world’s fastest RISC-V CPUs
Don’t piss off Bradley, the parts seller keeping Atari machines alive
Haiku sets R1/Beta3 timeline and release date
State of the Windows, part 2: did Windows 10 slow down with each feature update?
State of the Windows: how many layers of UI inconsistencies are in Windows 10?
Safari 15 on Mac OS, a user interface mess
Install and Use Duf Disk Monitoring Tool on Ubuntu 20.04
11 Cron Scheduling Task Examples in Linux
How to Install Nagios 4 and Monitor Your Servers on Ubuntu 20.04
4 Ways to Show All Drives (Mounted and Unmounted) on Linux
20 Netstat Commands for Linux Network Management
13 Important Privacy and Security Settings in Ubuntu Linux
Vim vs. Nano vs. Emacs: Three Sysadmins Weigh In
Slimbook Executive is a Reasonably High-End Linux-Powered Laptop
Ubuntu 21.04 Users Get Major Kernel Security Update, 17 Vulnerabilities Patched

Ars Technica
Here’s all the data on myocarditis cases linked to COVID-19 vaccines
“I’m totally screwed.” WD My Book Live users wake up to find their data deleted
The human family tree keeps getting more complicated
House committee approves bill that could break up Amazon, Apple, and Google
Hackers are using unknown user accounts to target Zyxel firewalls and VPNs
Google delays FLoC rollout until 2023
DirectStorage on Windows 11: Next-gen gaming performance, with PC requirements
Review: Omar Sy shines brighter than ever as gentleman thief in Lupin Part 2
Windows 11 is much more than a new theme slapped onto Windows 10
Hyundai’s 2022 Tucson Hybrid is a charming and efficient crossover
Fast 9 film review: Fast and furious enough, but buckle up for potholes
A quick-start guide to OpenZFS native encryption
June News Round-up
Rougol June Talk - RISC OS in those StrongARM days with Mike Stephens
Rougol June talk is next week
FOURtress reviewed as a RISC OS machine
Organizer updated to 2.29a
MoreDesk software goes free
First impressions of the RISCOSbits FOURtress
PiTools reviewed
DDE30a updated to DDE30b
Testing on RISC OS