Leicester 'blast': Four people taken to hospital
Freezing temperatures to hit UK amid weather warnings
North Korea willing to hold talks with US, says South Korea
Labour wants permanent customs union treaty after Brexit - Starmer
British skier killed in French Alps cliff fall
Police drone finds man in ditch in Lincolnshire
Cartoonist Matt 'turning into own character'
Closing ceremony highlights: Fireworks and dancing pandas
Syria war: Air strikes resume hours after UN approves ceasefire
Sridevi: Bollywood superstar dies at 54 of heart attack
Hare coursing: Lincolnshire Police's fight with blood sport
Samsung's new phone focuses on camera tricks

The Inquirer
Headlines offline
Huawei guns for Apple with Mac-alike Matebook X
Elon Musk blasts off from OpenAI to focus on cars, how to make smart code fair, and more
Stunning infosec tips from Uncle Sam, furries exposed, Chase bank web leak, and more
When clever code kills, who pays and who does the time? A Brit expert explains to El Reg
Tor pedo's torpedo torpedoed: FBI spyware crossed the line but was in good faith, say judges
NRA gives FCC boss Ajit Pai a gun as reward for killing net neutrality. Yeah, an actual gun
DropEverything! DropBox DropsDocs to DropStocks
We all hate Word docs and PDFs, but have they ever led you to being hit with 32 indictments?
Billionaire's Babylon beach ban battle barrels toward Supreme Court
Cali cops' Clue caper: Apple technicans, in an iPhone repair lab, with the 1,600 silent 911 calls
The Great Bulgarian Streaming Scam may well have been scummy, but Spotify got paid
Does my boom look big in this? New universe measurements bewilder boffins
Apple in China: who holds the keys?
The Google Assistant is going global
Android One becomes the new Google Play EditioN
Project: 2ine, OS/2 binaries on Linux
Linux ported to Nintendo Switch
The case against Google
Stephen Elop and the fall of Nokia revisited
Programming AmigaOS 4
Microsoft documents the limitations of Windows 10 on ARM
Eric Lundgren faces prison for trying to extend life span of PCs
Facebook turned its two-factor security 'feature' into spam
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Set Up A Python Django Development Environment on Debian 9 Stretch Linux

Ars Technica
Coal CEO’s defamation lawsuit against John Oliver is dismissed
Samsung’s Galaxy S9 is official with a dual aperture camera and AR Emojis
The stunning new Volvo V60 proves Sweden still knows station wagons
The state of iOS game development, according to the creators of Alto’s Odyssey
Nokia’s latest nostalgia-bait feature phone is the 8110 “Banana Phone”
Ancient DNA rules out archeologists’ best bet for horse domestication
The meatless Impossible Burger bleeds and sears, but wasn’t a crowd pleaser
Can you build an entire town off-the-grid? Babcock Ranch wants to find out
Developer gets prison after admitting backdoor was made for malice
Huawei’s answer to laptop privacy: A keyboard with a pop-up webcam
What happened after the US moved to chip-embedded payment cards?
AI trained to spot heart disease risks using retina scan
The South-West Show Report 2018
The South-West Show 2018 in pictures
Returning to ImpressionX
New RISC OS !FamTree application reviewed
January News Round-up
NetFetch reaches Version 5
South West Show is fast approaching
BBC BASIC Reference Manual updated
ArtWorks 2.X3 released
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