Andrew Harper death: Ten males aged 13 to 30 arrested
Iran tanker: US issues warrant to seize Grace 1 supertanker
Peter Fonda, star of Easy Rider, dies aged 79
Brexit: Tory MP Oliver Letwin rejects Corbyn as caretaker PM
El Paso shooting: Man shocked as hundreds attend wife's funeral
Sajid Javid will 'simplify' the tax system in first Budget
How Hong Kong got trapped in a cycle of violence
Candida auris: The new superbug on the block
Labour promises to tackle 'retail apocalypse'
Organ donation: 'My hero, he gave me his liver'
Liu Yifei: Mulan boycott urged after star backs HK police
Tony Martin: Man who shot burglars knows he still divides opinion

The Inquirer
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Overstock's share price has plummeted. Is it Trump's trade war? Bad results? Nope, its CEO has gone bonkers...
Chrome add-on warns netizens when they use a leaked password. Sometimes, they even bother to change it
NSA asks Congress to permanently reauthorize spying program that was so shambolic, the snoops had shut it down
Dropbox would rather write code twice than try to make C++ work on both iOS and Android
Microsoft Surface users baffled after investing in kit that throttles itself to the point of passing out
Top tip: Don't upload your confidential biz files to free malware-scanning websites – everything is public
Gone in a flash: Oracle lays off hundreds as the biz formerly known as Pillar Data is shuttered
Alibaba: There's a trade war going on? Could've fooled us – just check out these swollen digits
Data cops order Ireland to delete 3.2m records after ID card wheeze ruled to be 'unlawful'
And you thought the cops were bad... Civil rights group warns of facial recog 'epidemic' across UK private sites opens £250k competition to tackle first-world problem of crap conference Wi-Fi
Apple fires legal salvo at Corellium claiming the virtual iPhone flinger is infringing copyright
Cool, but obscure X11 tools
The SuperH-3, part 1: introduction
Understanding modern UEFI-based platform boot
Visible Lisp Computer
Apple explains why iPhones now show an ominous warning after ‘unauthorized’ battery replacements
What does Windows’ “check for a solution” actually do?
Xfce 4.14 released
Commodore’s forgotten UNIX workstation
“Blast processing” in 2019: how an SNES emulator solved overclocking
The alert hammer
Huawei unveils HarmonyOS
AMD Rome second generation EPYC review: 2x 64-core benchmarked
How To Set up Automatic Security Update (Unattended Upgrades) on Debian/Ubuntu?
Oracle Is Working To Upstream More Of DTrace To The Linux Kernel & eBPF Implementation
CloudBees Advances State of the DevOps World
Keeping track of Linux users: When do they log in and for how long?
10 ways DevOps helps digital transformation
How to explain Kubernetes Secrets in plain English
How to Backup Application Settings in Ubuntu using Mackup
How to Install Pico CMS with Nginx and Let's Encrypt on CentOS 7
Steganography - Hide Files Inside Images In Linux

Ars Technica
Google Drive will introduce long-asked-for file shortcuts feature
NASA chief alienates Senators needed to fund the Moon program
Undead hordes rise from the sea in delightfully campy Zombie Tidal Wave
Check out the gory, cringy images the FDA wants to put on cigarettes
Apple sues company that sells “perfect replicas” of iOS without a license
Audi e-tron wins top crash rating, beating Tesla Model S and Chevy Bolt
Despite complaints, Epic stands behind Fortnite’s “anyone can win” mechs
Judge orders Georgia to switch to paper ballots for 2020 elections
We’ve driven VW’s bright green smile machine, the electric ID Buggy
How a new antibiotic destroys extremely drug-resistant tuberculosis
Invader Zim: Enter the Florpus might be Netflix’s best nostalgia throwback yet
Rocket Report: SpaceX nets another boat, Air Force competition heats up
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